About The Band

The band was formed in 2008 by Jazzique Chiverton. It started with himself and Duane Thompson with Todd and Mel joining soon after.

Jazzique Chiverton, a renowned producer, songwriter, and pianist started his music career early at the age of 15. He quickly established himself a music reputation from his piano talents on St Kitts Nevis as well as traveling throughout the Caribbean, America, Europe, and Asia. Jazzique recently has also spent time performing and touring along with Mishka. He mixed three tracks on Mishka's album Talk About.


Jazzique knew he always wanted to form his own band and remembered Duane singing a Tony Braxton song when he was nine years old and was blown away by his natural talent. Overtime Duane has proved himself to be a dynamic performer and a skillful singer.

Todd as a child frequented Jazzique's backyard to play his drums after school. Todd's brother Mel followed shortly after with his bass. ?Fast forward ten years, Jazzique at this time have being touring around the world with other artists decided to start his own band. So he contacted Duane and they started as a duo, ??Todd and Mel joined soon after and the band started playing in the hotels around the islands covering some of their favorite bands like U2, Coldplay, The Beatles and more.

They soon developed a sound and a loyal following fusing pop rock with drum an bass reggae and other Caribbean styles .The band started writing and performing their own songs and received lots of positive feedback from their fans, who insisted that they do an album. The debut album Culture Love was released in 2010. Mark Willet joined the ensemble soon after as a vocalist.

The band has entertained a variety of audiences in hotels and venues around the region with sounds of jazz, soul, funk, classical, disco, pop, reggae, calypso, soca, hip hop, r & b and country.

The band also contributes to many charitable functions in the region for hospital equipment, breast cancer awareness, youth sailing and many community church functions.