Band Members


Jazzique Chiverton

Commonly referred to as Golden Fingers, Jazzique the passionate keyboardist leads his team with style and grace. Have a song request-just ask. You’d be amazed at the memory bank this man has for songs new and old, from here and over there.


Mark Willett

Okay, I dare you not to dance when the energetic, enigmatic voice of our vocalist commands you on the floor. Dancing is a huge part of any GreenHouse performance so you're bound to come away with a few new dance moves.



A horse jockey by day and a drummer at night! You're sure to be entertained by his flourish and speed on the drums at a Greenhouse Band performance. If you’re lucky, he might just rip his shirt off for you!


Jahreese JonES

It's all about the bass! A VERY critical ingredient to any form of West Indian music. Mr Jones does his part with distinction.